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    “BEYOND THE GROOVER” is the high-end series of GROOVER that started last year. It is manufactured with the concept of fusing plastic and metalic parts, and is carefully and meticulously manufactured by Japan’s highest level of craftsmanship.

    This time, Mr. Watanabe, a master craftsman, came to ask about the finish. There are such exchanges of opinions in the prototype stage, but I have never been asked for an opinion on the finished glasses.

    The motif of the metal parts is inspired by Japanese religious architecture, but this collection also focuses on the “metal fittings” used in antique folk crafts. I love Hakone’s parquetry and use old folk furniture repaired and remodeled in the store. I like anonymous folk art that has actually been used, rather than famous artists or famous factory products like Tendo Mokko. Some people are afraid that they are too careful, but I end up buying only mirrors.

    This time, we incorporated the horseshoe motif, but there are also designs in Japan that incorporate it as a good luck charm, not just American motifs.

    To tell the truth, I am a “horse year”, so I designed it with the superstition that wearing a zodiac accessory will ward off evil spirits. If it’s glasses, you can wear them every day.

    By the way, I answered Mr. Watanabe, “It’s the best finish.”